Third Sunday of Lent, March 7



Returning to Grace , a Pastoral Letter on the Eucharist from Cardinal Joseph Tobin, Archbishop of Newark.

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

When church historians write about the Year of Our Lord 2020, I predict they will call particular attention to the “Great Eucharistic Fast.” COVID-19, the pandemic that has taken the lives of millions, obliged dioceses throughout the world to take the unprecedented action of closing our churches and effectively denying our people the opportunity to receive Christ’s Body and Blood in the Eucharist. Some scholars may point out that, as a result, Catholics in Europe and North America experienced what others have suffered for many years due to a shortage of priests or outright persecution, namely, the absence of the sacraments... Click here to read Cardinal Tobin's complete pastoral letter  or click below to watch an introduction  from Cardinal Tobin.

Stations of the Cross

Friday, February 19th and each Friday during Lent

 7:00 pm in the Church - except Good Friday

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Daylight Savings Time begins on March 14

Move your clocks forward 1 hour!

The Scholarship Fund for  Inner-City Children

2021-2022 Tuition Assistance Application NOW OPEN


The Scholarship Fund for Inner-City Children is trying to assist families who would like to send their children to one of the Catholic schools in our parishes. Our tuition assistance application is now open for new and re-applying families.

Click here to go to our website and donate now!

Thank you for your assistance!

Jasmin Roman

Director of Scholarship Programs

Accountability with Heartfelt Thanks


Catholic Charities received a payment of $1,357 as a result of your donations from June 1, 2020 to November 30, 2020.  These funds combined with monies from parishes throughout the Archdiocese enabled Catholic Charities to provide 72,685 nights of shelter to 1,342 to homeless individuals and families (FY 19/20). Thank you for being our partner and enabling us to bring Christ's love to the most vulnerable in our society.

Latest edition of Cardinal Tobin's Rejoice in the Lord newsletter available (Vol. 2, No. 6)

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Statement of the Catholic Bishops of New Jersey on the Reproductive Freedom Act

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Mass Guidelines

  •   Sunday Mass times will be as they were

  •   Arriving at Sunday Mass

 - Enter front doors. The side door will be locked
 - Wear a mask as you enter the Church
 - Both the inner and outer doors will be open

   (Only for Sunday Masses)
 - You can pick up a song sheet, which you will take

   home with you after Mass
 - Do not sit within 6 feet of somebody unless you

    live with them

  •   During Mass: Liturgy of the Word

 - There will be no entrance procession. The priest and ministers will be seated before Mass

 - If you need to read along during Mass, please bring your own missal or use a phone app

  •   During Mass: Liturgy of the Eucharist

- There will be no offertory procession
- We will ask you to place your offering in the baskets as you leave or exit the Church
- The bread and wine will be in the sanctuary
- The sign of peace will continue to be touch-less unless you live with the person
- Communion will continue to be distributed only in the form of the Precious Body
- Receiving Communion in the mouth is now forbidden
- Masks need to be worn as you approach the altar to receive Communion
- There will only be one line approaching the altar for Communion
- People in rows on each side will alternate coming out into single row in center aisle
- Please keep social distancing by following the markers on the floor
- Those in side pews will continue the practice of coming across center pews maintaining social distance
- After the final blessing, please exit the church one row at a time


Regular Masses


8:00AM,  10:00AM,  12:00PM 


Monday through Friday:

12:05 PM

First Saturday Mass

12:05 PM in the Church

Holy Days  

(Except Christmas and Easter):       8:00 AM,  12:05 PM,  7:00 PM


Mass followed by Adoration of the Most Blessed Sacrament and Benediction every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 6:00 pm



Saturdays 1:00 - 2:00 PM


Experience God’s Mercy. Celebrate the Grace-Filled Sacrament of Reconciliation 

Click here to download a guide on "How to Go to Confession"

Contact  Us

Parish Center (Monday to Friday):

Tel: 201-641-2988

Fax: 201-641-0664


Rectory (By appointment only):



Religious Education (Sunday to Thursday):


Pope Francis’ Prayer Intention
For March 2021


Sacrament of Reconciliation

 Let us pray that we may experience the Sacrament of Reconciliation with enewed depth, and to taste the infinite mercy of God.

Pope Francis proclaims 'Year of St. Joseph

With the Apostolic letter 'Patris Corde' ('With A Father's Heart'), Pope Francis recalls the 150th anniversary of the declaration of St. Joseph as the Patron of the Universal Church.  To mark the occasion, the Holy Father has proclaimed a 'Year of St. Joseph' from 8 December 2020 to 8 December 2021.

New in the Area?

If you are new in the area, why not join our ever-growing Parish family. Stop by the Parish Center any weekday and register. Click on this link to download the form or call us at 201-641-2988 


March is Dedicated to St. Joseph ~ Feast Day: March 19

The month of March is dedicated to St. Joseph. We don’t know much about him except what is mentioned in the Gospels. Joseph was the husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the foster-father of Jesus. Holy Scripture proclaims him as a “just man,” and the Church has turned to Joseph for his patronage and protection. Pope Leo XIII in his encyclical Quamquam Pluries (On the Devotion to St. Joseph) in 1889 explains why we place so much trust in this saint: 

“Thus in giving Joseph the Blessed Virgin as spouse, God appointed him to be not only her life’s companion, the witness of her maidenhood, the protector of her honor, but also, by virtue of the conjugal tie, a participator in her sublime dignity. And Joseph shines among all mankind by the most august dignity, since by divine will, he was the guardian of the Son of God and reputed as His father among men. Hence it came about that the Word of God was humbly subject to Joseph, that He obeyed him, and that He

rendered to him all those offices that children are bound to render to their parents. From this two-fold dignity flowed the obligation which nature lays upon the head of families, so that Joseph became the guardian, the administrator, and the legal defender of the divine house whose chief he was. And during the whole course of his life he fulfilled those charges and those duties. …It is, then, natural and worthy that as the Blessed Joseph ministered to all the needs of the family at Nazareth and girt it about with his protection, he should now cover with the cloak of his heavenly patronage and
defend the Church of Jesus Christ.”

One hundred years later John Paul II echoes his predecessor in his 1989 Apostolic Exhortation Redemptoris Custos (Guardian of the Redemeemer), hoping “that all may grow in devotion to the Patron of the Universal Church and in love for the Savior whom he served in such an exemplary manner … In this way the whole Christian people not only will turn to St. Joseph with greater fervor and invoke his patronage with trust, but also will always keep before their eyes his humble, mature way of serving and of “taking part” in the plan of salvation.” St. Joseph is invoked as patron for many causes. He is the patron of the Universal Church. He is the patron of the dying because Jesus and Mary were at his death-bed. He is also the patron of fathers, of carpenters, and of social justice. Many religious orders and communities are placed under his patronage.

Joseph as Patron Saint

Since he served as virtuous protector of Our Lady and of Jesus, he is venerated by Roman Catholics as the Patron Saint of the entire Church. Roman Catholics believe he died in the presence of Our Lady and Her Son, Jesus, and, so, because of this he is the Patron Saint of a holy (or “good”) death. Joseph, because of his carpenter’s trade, is the Patron Saint of Workers; this is why one of his two Feast Days is May 1st (the International Day of the Worker). He is also the Patron Saint of Confectioner.

2020 Year of St. Joseph Indulgences 2021
Granted by the Holy See from December 8, 2020 to December 8, 2021




Below is a summary of how you can receive the special indulgences granted by the Holy See for the Year of St. Joseph..

The plenary indulgence is granted under the usual conditions (sacramental confession, Eucharistic communion and prayer according to the intentions of the Holy Father) to the faithful who, with a spirit detached from any sin, participate in the Year of Saint Joseph on the occasions and in the manner indicated by this Apostolic Penitentiary: 

• Meditate for at least 30 minutes on the Our Father

• Participate in a spiritual retreat of at least one day that includes a meditation on    Saint Joseph

• Perform a corporal or spiritual work of mercy
• Recite the Holy Rosary in families and between the husband and wife
• Entrust their work daily to the protection of Saint Joseph and to all believers who invoke with their prayers the

  intercession of the worker of Nazareth
• Pray the litany of Saint Joseph (for the Latin tradition), or the Akathistos to Saint   Joseph, in its entirety or at least

  part of it (for the Byzantine tradition), or some other   prayer to Saint Joseph, typical of the other liturgical

  traditions, for the persecuted Church and for the relief of all persecuted Christians
• Pray any lawfully approved prayer or act of piety in honor of Saint Joseph, for example "To you oh blessed 

  Joseph,” especially on:

• March 19th (Solemnity of St. Joseph)
• May 1st (Feast of St. Joseph the Worker)
•. December 26th (Feast of the Holy Family)
• The Sunday of Saint Joseph (according to the Byzantine tradition)
• The 19th day of every month
• Every Wednesday (a day dedicated to the memory of the Saint according to the Latin tradition)

• The gift of plenary indulgence extends particularly to —

• The elderly
• The sick
• The dying
• All those who for legitimate reasons cannot leave their home

~ who, with the spirit detached from any sin and with the intention of fulfilling, as soon as possible, the three usual conditions, in your own home or wherever the impediment holds you, pray an act of piety in honor of Saint Joseph, consolation of the sick and patron of good death, confidently offering God the pains and difficulties of his life.

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